Do you seek unlimited opportunities? Aspire to control your own destiny? Strive to receive maximum value for what you offer the markets? Then attend this high-level overview of the top three things one should understand about getting higher value clients lining up to work with you. You will discover the missing links that entrepreneurial programs, top business advisers and seasoned ceo’s fail to share with you nearly every time.

  • Who the real players are and what’s at stake for you
  • How to begin designing a powerful business system
  • What resources separate winning entrepreneurs from the rest

The World Will Always Host Battles Between the Have and the Have-Less

Unlike Most, Jonyprofit Will Give You the Choice…

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Gain Elite Insignt

Jonyprofit will help you gain valuable insight about some of the most complex business topics facing entrepreneurs. Discover what is possible once you are exposed to a mentally stimulating, visual story-based tale of how the elite do business. Each 2013 topic listed below was created with the business person ready to take action in mind.

Train To Win

Elite training sessions are designed by Jonyprofit and created to make you the Expert. So-called business and marketing experts, coaches and gurus can only speak from very limited shallow positions. Jonyprofit teaches you to leverage the power of Google Search by training you on “What, Why and How to” ask the world the right questions.

Take Action

A productive business developer is worth their weight in gold, however, retaining one for a small business can be a major endeavor. Jonyprofit has created turn-key solutions for entrepreneurs seeking to break through to the next level in their business. Twenty-five years of improving the way companies do business is now just a click away.

Investment Ready?

Are you willing and able to go to the next level but need help getting ready? Jonyprofit is seeking to investment intellectual capital into existing companies that have the true potential to go from six figure revenue companies to seven figure money machines. If you have high dollar skillsets, experience and connections – let’s talk.

If you are looking to absolutely expand your business and mind, John is the man for the task. Every single time I talk to John, I learn something new - whether it is about myself, my business or something I just had never thought of, he is the one that is able to make me think differently and more expansively. I recommend him highly!Renee McNiel, PMP, HUB, SBE

John is an extremely savvy business ace. His no-nonsense, yet practical, approach to business building and acquisition is both refreshing and valuable. If you are looking for someone to lead you or your organization to the next level in terms of globalized business building, I highly recommend John!Crystal Washington- Social Media Keynote Speaker

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting John when I first began my journey for Empowered Entrepreneurs. In many ways he’s like an angel. He shows up out of nowhere and provides a silent reassurance that is just uncanny. His presence and his advice are both encouraging and priceless. I can depend on John to provide valuable feedback that allows me to take my events and ideas to the next level. He is a true asset to anyone looking to succeed in business.–Keyshala Petitt - President/CEO, Empowered Entrepreneurs